Welcome to my website
My name is Jan Kovalčík and I was born and I live in Prague. Since childhood I was interested in military history. Since 1997 I´ve become a member of KVH Gardekorps Prague. Here I have been several periods in our military history.
In an effort to better equipment (first for my friends from Gardekorps and then for the other fellow) I´ve  started to produce various clothing-needed for our interest period. With intensified demands I´ve started to work with other manufacturers - not only in our country but from abroad, too. Well, and how the range has grown and how good is you can judge for yourself ...

I´m interested in mainly during the First World War, but also the Napoleonic Wars, Prussia and the Austrian war of 1866, a period known as the First Republic and also natural for the Second World War. I actively participate in the uniform at historic events in our country and Europe.

In the design of metal accessories, sewing material, and even quality replicas I´m trying to maximize the fidelity and quality identical to original.

The production and delivery we can arrange a phone or email. I´m  looking forward to ourcooperation.