I would like to welcome you to my website.

Are you interested in a replica outfit parts of the following periods:


  • The Napoleonic wars
  • Prussia - Austrian War 1866
  • First World War
  • First Republic
  • Second World War ...?

For a long period of time I am interested in military history and production outfit components. I also cooperate with other producers from the Czech Republic and abroad.

I prefere quality of each product o
f course.


Information about my person, services and products to offer, and prices of all products, see the following tabs of my pages.



Actualization of catalogues and price list

28/05/2014 21:08
Attention: There is actualization of catalogues and price list nowadays


27/10/2011 09:44
You can download my banner - see code below

New web

24/10/2011 19:07
From today you can see my new web

K.k.Landwehr inf.rgt. Nr.8 Prag


Banner download:

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